Can Jitsi host 1000 video meetings concurrently using iFrame API (each with 20-25 participants)?

Hi, We have a requirement where we need 1000 breakout rooms. We have a feature on our platform through which we can initiate a Jitsi iFrame API.

We wish to understand if we can have 1000 meetings initiated with 20-25 people each. Group video calling.

We do not wish to host the solution, we are looking out for using the iFrame API. If there is a cost attached to it, we’re ok to pay it as well.

Welcome to the forum, @Sumanyu_Soniwal!

Check out 8 x 8; that would likely bethe solution you’re looking for.

Thanks, Freddie, But I can’t find an integration as simple as the iFrame API of Jitsi with 8x8. Is there exact documentation you can guide me to?

They seem to be selling their standalone app membership. I want an integration inside my own web platform.

8x8 is the parent company of Jitsi; whatever the free Jitsi offers (iFrame integration e.t.c.), their very affordable paid plan offers and more.