Can Jitsi host 1000 video meetings concurrently (each with 35-50 participants)?

Hi Jitsi Team, I think you created a great product and it is getting better every day!
I have a project to create a video meeting platform for a university with more than 1000 faculty and each one should have a class of 35-50 students, and they could all have an online classroom (video) at the same time?

Is it DOABLE? and if so what can of hardware will be needed (we use digital ocean droplets - if that helps)

If you plan and create your deployment so you can scale up bridges and have multiple shards (check out the videos) you can expand your deployment to fit your needs, is hosting more than that.

Thanks @damencho for your quick response, can you for example share some stats about your hardware specs and number of concurrent sessions (peak times hopefully)
or at least in my scenario, what kind of specs needed (CPU, RAM etc)

thanks and regards

Sorry Iā€™m not sure I can share the stats. We are using aws c5.xlarge for the core nodes and the bridges. You can join the community call next Monday where Aaron will be talking about and our deployment.

Sounds great, will attend your next session and check it out.
Thanks again for your help

Can you please provide a reference to these videos?

You can watch the Jitsi Community Calls on their youtube channel:

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