Can Jitsi auto-accept a call/meeting? Like an automated walkie-talkie? A request for use with old parents

My parents are old, and I’m trying to find a simple-enough solution (for their IT-illiterate use) for me to easily contact them. I’m trying to find a two (or three) way solution that their side can auto-accept a video/audio call from me 24/7 (my side + their side + my sister side) in different houses.

The ideas is the call is always connected to a windows/android tablet, and whenever they ask something (like “where are my keys”) or when something bad happens (they shout when they fall down) or when they wanna talk to my kids, my side will hear/see that automagically, and they wouldn’t need to call or press or do or accept something in order to get help. It’ll be as if we’re at their side all the time.

They’re too old to be bothered with privacy (between them and their kids) and just want convenience. I don’t know if Jitsi can do this, and if so, is it easy? Or do it need to configure something?


You can use a remote desktop tool to control their desktop and to open a Jitsi client when needed

I could, bu that would not only be an un-elegant solution, but would mean I need to KNOW and have an additional system in place, like a notification in case the call/meeting/app/client is currently not connected. In which case, instead of say, click on call in jitsi, I need to remote in, close-open jitsi, click accept call.

for a headless, audio-only solution (A raspbian with an auto-open browser with a usb speaker+mic for both sides) it’s a bit of a hassle to set up if I need to work around that instead of a baby-monitor-ish solution.

Hello Sometime i’m using jitsi for my telepresence sistem with raspberry for go around from remote for monitoring my old parents,i’m using rpi with jitsi for motion and video and another mobile phone with another service like skype whatsapp or telegram for voice,
would be a good idea.

Put a laptop on their table, switch off screensaver and let them always stay in the same room. You and all your family members can connect to the same room any time.