Can Jitsi add the unmute all function with pre-approval from participants like Zoom?

Can Jitsi add the unmute all function with pre-approval from participants like Zoom?

What does that mean?

Mind that unmuting after being muted automatically or not automatically is an action that always needs to be triggered manually by the user, otherwise, it raises many privacy concerns.

The host should be able to unmute a participant if the host got pre-approval consent when the participant join the meeting. Zoom has this very important feature. Sometimes, I need to play a song during a meeting, and do not want them to sing along because of lagging and mute all. But I want to unmute them all immediately afterward without asking them to unmute themselves one by one. This should be a standard feature in the official Jitsi release.

We do not consider this appropriate. As you may give consent 10 mins ago and while in a private conversation someone unmutes you. Your private conversation will be heard by the people in the conference, can be recorded, can be live-streamed, etc.
That’s why unmuting is always an operation executed by the participant locally.

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How is this a “very important feature”? People should always have agency - always! Anything that takes that away from them compromises their privacy and safety. I checked your screenshot and it looks like a relatively new feature in Zoom (which as well know is not exactly the poster-child for privacy and security). That also suggests it’s relatively untested and subject to feedback. Notwithstanding though, Jitsi’s priority has always been privacy/security and it’s the reason most of us gravitate to it. A feature that takes away people’s control over what they show/share is not appropriate - even if they initially give consent.


I understand your privacy and safety concerns. That is why this option should be put in the participant’s setting as “Allow others to unmute” checkbox (defaulted to unchecked). If the participant got unmute, he can still mute himself. Zoom added this feature in August 2020 because so many requested for it. Zoom New Feature: Request consent to unmute participants: Chris Menard Training
This feature is extremely useful when hosting an online concert or worship.

But what is wrong with simply asking people to unmute themselves? Again, you keep mentioning Zoom as though it’s the universal gold standard - it’s not. Zoom’s failings are exactly why Jitsi is uber-important. The reality is that people forget stuff - just do a quick search for “zoom accidents” or something like that. People forget they’re on camera and end up sharing more than they want to. They did give consent, but that didn’t stop them from forgetting. So, anything that can help to mitigate that risk is a plus in my opinion.

Even the article you referenced clearly highlights the risk:

“Unmute all was removed in May 2020. It was determined it was a privacy issue to unmute all.”

“This pre-approval will remain in place for all meetings with this host and can be revoked by the participant at any time.” - MAAAAAJOR problem.

“…if someone allows you to unmute with consent, which they do at the beginning of the meeting, it isn’t for just that meeting, it is for all meetings with that host. So the next meeting with that host, you don’t have to allow consent again.”

I can’t believe this even exists.

From my experience, it is very difficult to ask the participant to unmute one by one. For example, the online concert has 100 participants. When they start singing along, what are you going to do?

If they were all muted, when it’s time to get everyone to join in, what’s wrong with just announcing it?

“Everyone, now unmute your mic and sing along with me. God I woooooooorshiiiiiip Youuuuuuu!”

See, it works perfectly. :blush:

Please try one for yourself, and you will see what I meant. I have tried it. Many of them will forget to unmute and a lot of time will be wasted. No need to argue, that is just my opinion and suggestion so as to make Jitsi a better software. I will continue to use Zoom because of this feature.

Not arguing with you, just pointing out why what you’re asking contravenes Jitsi’s core principle. I don’t understand how “many of them will forget to unmute” when the moderator just asked them to. Jitsi is a great software as it is; surely there can be improvements, but this thing you’re asking for is not one of them. Enjoy your time with zoom; it sounds like it’s a better fit for you.

If you have a chance to host a meeting with 50 or more participants, mute all, and ask them to unmute themselves, then calculate how much time it takes for all of them to unmute and let me know. if you do not like this feature, you do not need to use it, it should be disabled by default.

Again, the issue is not whether I like it or not, it’s whether it compromises people’s privacy/security. It does. But all said, Jitsi is FOSS, you can certainly implement any feature/logic you want in your own deployment - you’re legally permitted.

P.S: I’ve hosted meetings of more than that and didn’t have problems having people unmute when they needed to speak.

Your privacy concerns may not apply to others. I have no problem with being unmuted in a meeting. In addition, I believe in choice. Let me make the decision of using this feature or not. You should not worry about my privacy if I decided to be unmuted.

Unfortunately, Jitsi is not tailored to meet specific individual needs. It’s the law of averages. But more importantly, it contravenes Jitsi’s core policy. I’m not sure why you’re struggling to understand this. You say you believe in choice, but what you’re proposing is doing the exact opposite - taking away people’s choice agency. Just because I said “yes” yesterday, doesn’t mean I mean “yes” forever.

Bottomline is, this is not really a great idea. And for a community that’s heavily privacy- and security-conscious, it’d be a hard sell.

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