Can I Use One-to-one calling using jitsi-meet?

I want to call the member on my network individually using jitsi-meet, is it possible? If yes, how?

What you can do is send him a link and you wait in that same room, or can create a calendar event adding the link (using the chrome extension). Or if you are asking about calling model or some kind of notification about joining a meeting, this is out of scope of jitsi-meet as it is specific to the app embedding it and is up to that app how to implement it. There are few hooks in jitsi-meet if you need that triggered from within the UI of jitsi-meet.
Hope that helps.

Thanks for your reply, Help me once more,
I am stuck with SSL, is there any way to test jitsi-meet on my laptop without SSL certificate?

What do you mean? It should work without a problem with self-signed certificates on desktop browser. What problem do you see?