Can I use server for my commercial app

Hi Everyone,
We are planning to integrate group video call using Jitsi SDK into our Mobile App, But as a beginner, I am confused that should I set up my own server or should use server to host jitsi? Can I use server in my commercial App? If yes then, What are the benefits and drawbacks, are there any limitations in Jitsi server. Thanks in advance.

Note: I’m not a lawyer, I’m not affiliated with Jitsi, and I do not speak for the Jitsi project. (I’m just a user.)

I believe the answer is “Yes.”

  • Jitsi is licensed under Apache License 2.0 (
  • Jitsi’s dependencies and internal components use a variety of licenses, but they all seem to be Apache, MIT, or BSD. E.g., Prosody and LUA are both MIT licensed.

Code under these are free for commercial use, offer no warranty for any particular use, and do not transfer the copyright. However, they require you to acknowledge the copyright holder anywhere you list copyrights. (You cannot claim to own or have written code that you didn’t write.)

I didn’t see anything that was licensed as GPL or that contains proprietary or restrictive-use agreements.