Can i use jitsi for audio broadcasting? one to all

I nned your suggestions for the configuration or techniques.

In a meeting there will be a speaker and many listeners. Only speaker will speak and others will listen.

this all will happen on local Network.

to connect to meeting they will use .

But speaking and listening will be on totaly on local network. idea is find the meeting room by domain name by using internet. but listening on local network will use nearly no internet data. (is it possible?)

which configuration you can suggest? or if there is any other technique i want to know.

Since there is no interaction, you can use a local live streaming server

Please think that we are at outside and using a mobile router. Do you have example mobile apps for the local live streaming server?

No need a special app. A web browser can play a live media, it’s only need to know the web address of the player page.

will need a live media streamer.


If you can give me more informations about this i will be happy