Can I use jitsi for a lan not connected to the internet

can I use jitsi for a lan not connected to the internet. I support a remote location that loses connectivity to the internet hours per day and want to create a lan based video conference system. (its an island with a very small pipe via microwave)

thanks in advance


I think this should work, but you woun’t be able to get a Let’s encrypt certificate without internet connection :wink: You could acquire the cert on a machine with internet access and then copy it or use self-signed certs.


we’ll experiment
to clarify, this would be a lan that is sometimes disconnected from the wan/internet

Sure, you can.

You’d just need to share the certificate and intall it to everyone and to add the domain to each other hosts file or run it through IP, otherwise you should enable unsecure connection in the browser flags.

I’d suggest to disable TURN since it won’t work with no internet connection.

Can you tell how we can connect android app with our own jitsi server in local network?

you must use IP or have an application that change your phone DNS to set your server as a domain you choosen for jitsi

We use local domain but it can not connect from android and the error message is

Do you have a self-signed certificate, or a proper (eg Lets Encrypt) certificate?

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Yes we have self signed certificate and we are not connecting to internet

It won’t work on Android with a self-signed certificate, as far as I know.

Can you tell me what is the reason that won’t work with self signed certificate?

You can make it work, I think, but you’ll need to do more work:

Dear Brown,
Thanks for the reply with the link u provided it is not working with jitsi only even we imported the SSL in trusted store of the mobile app but stil the same error
any idea ?

Sorry, no.

Well… I think that since you’re not connected to internet, you should choose for an alternative that works with no connection

If main domain is resolvable from the Internet, you can obtain valid certificates from Lets Encrypt for internal subdomains (using DNS challenge).

Hi. Do you have any instructions for installing jitsi meet on local server (Windows) and use it without internet conection. Which files should I get for it? I downloaded file from here: But the error is:

Can u help me please?

During installation, ensure the following.

  1. The hostname entered during installation should be the IP of LAN(without internet). This is very important for generating .crt and .key files.

  2. After completing installation. Change IP of server to LAN IP. Configuration has to be carried out in .yaml file in /etc/netplan

  3. Apply netplan and shutdown server.

  4. Connect server in LAN and access the hostname from another PC browser.

  5. Should work fine.