Can I use JaaS + Recording + Dropbox integration?

The recording feature seems to work with jitsi-meet but not with jaas.
I’ve got the message “Recording failed to start”.
Reproducible example: GitHub - yassernascimento/video-calling-app: PoC with some webRTC demos using React, Until now was tested Twilio, Jitsi and Daily

Are you testing with jaas or with

Both, just for testing all the alternatives, I am importing the API with <script src=""></script>.

At the jitsi-meet everything works just fine (meeting, recording, dropbox).
At the Jaas room the recording feature is not working using the code:

api.addEventListener("videoConferenceJoined", () =>
  api.startRecording({ mode: "file", dropboxToken })

Check whether you have enabled recording feature in the jwt token.

I think it is not the problem, it is enabled by default and I never disable that.

I’ve got an email from 8x8 technical support with the content:

If you are using the sample meeting, the add on services, like the recording, are not enabled.

Here is some general information about the recordings:
For retrieving successful recordings please integrate with JaaS Webhooks.

Define a target API that would be notified for each successful recording.
The Webhook can be triggered by following: and selecting RECORDING_UPLOADED as event type.
The Webhook will trigger for each uploaded recording and it will contain the pre-authenticated download link preAuthenticatedLink.
The URL is valid for 24 hours.  
Download the recordings before the link expires.
The recording is automatically deleted after the 24 hours.

More about recording functions can be found here:

So, is it impossible to use the dropbox integration?

Dropbox integration should work on JaaS too. This looks like a pretty generic error. Do you create your own JWT or use a pre generated one?

Hello vp8x8, good to know that feature is available for JaaS too.
Well, I created my own JWT at JaaS Dashboard > API Keys Page > Generate JWT.

That should work too.
I have tested it by joining a JaaS meeting directly by passing the JWT through url params:{myId}/mymeeting?jwt={myJWT} and it works just fine after I toggle on ‘Upload to Dropbox’.

Maybe there is a problem when using the external api, or the recording just failed for some reason…

Just tried passing my keys through the url: and I’ve got the same error. So, the problem should be in my keys.

Also, I looked my browser’s console and every time I try to record a meeting that error appears at both cases (8x8 URL and External API):

Seems like you are not moderator when you try to do that… or missing recording feature … maybe share your jwt

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This is not a valid jwt, you can try it on

It has no payload

Hum, it is valid I don’t know why it was not copied initially …

So the jwt looks ok … the forbidden error is puzzling me

Is missing some signature, the token generated is not ready to use?
Another question, should I create a different JWT token dynamically for each user of my application? If yes, how can I do that?

Thanks you all for your patience.

Yes. Well jwt is a standard and it depends on your app, where you are embedding the experience, based on the language and tools you have there should be at least one library for it :slight_smile:

When I said “users of my application” I meant… the people who will use the app, enter on meetings and so on…
I am confused if I should use ONE token for my entire React App or if I should create a token before a user enter in a room.

Tokens are per user, that’s why there is avatar and name in it.