Can i use 2 or more videobridge vm on 1 machine?

Hi can i use 2 or more videobridge vm on 1 machine… and the jitsi meet server is on the other vm

There is no big difference to install JVB on a seperate machine. You only need a second UDP port for the additional JVB.

Search org.jitsi.videobridge.SINGLE_PORT_HARVESTER_PORT and

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do i need to port forward the new udp port

Yes. The clients connect directly to each JVB through UDP (if this is not P2P or not relayed by TURN)

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If i dont have turn enabled. How about the tcp port…do i need a new one and port forward it.

You always need a UDP port for each JVB whether TURN is enabled or not…
No need a TCP port for JVB

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One more question. Is there an alternative to jibri. It consume a lot of resources even if I am using docker.

AFAIK, no…

And I think this is not Jibri’s issue. ffmpeg consumes the resources while converting the screen to an H264 video and there is also the headless Chrome

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Can i modify the recording of jibri. Example can I modify the resolution of the jibri recording so it will consume less resources

I have an error with jibri docker after 30s it fail to record. And if i use multiple VM how can i save all recorded video into one directory or (VM if possible)

I’m not familar with Docker. Check the logs, normally they are in /var/log/jitsi/jibri

Use a shared disk or folder to collect all recordings on the same place or move the video file to a common destination by the finalize script.

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What is the minimum requirements in terms of RAM, STORAGE and NETWORK BANDWITH for jibri, video bridge and jitsi meet server in a 100 conference with 20-30 person per conference.