Can I set my own jitsi-server which supports SFU-Cascading like current


I read this article about SFU-Cascading of current

can I set my own jitsi-server which supports SFU-Cascading with the current jitsi-code? I used to install my own jitsi-server with the Quick-Install document, could you let me know how I can build the SFU-Cascading jitsi-cloud? do I need to build jitsi by myself? do I need to add more code/config? Thanks for your help!

This is just a matter of configuration.
It is not as simple as quick install one, as you need and the external services which are aware of the regions your clients are, or changes dns depending on the region.
You need to make sure you detect the region your clients are and pass that information to nginx so it can pass it back to the client via config.js, configure jicofo and jvbs in several regions.
Search for it and here in the forum, people were asking questions while deploying it.

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Hi damencho
Have seen most of your replies regarding OCTO but one of the queries raised by Mr.Alexis and what you have replied still needs clarification.I have a setup with Jitsi-meet and 2 JVBs at one region with domain name aaa, and I have another JVB from another region with different domain name Does the JVB in second region to be registered during installation with or when to be added in OCTO ?

Added your reply for the query

If you are asking about from /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config, all are with the same name which is the your main domain for the deployment.