Can I set a custom reusable URL?

We’re using the basic Jitsi Meet program. I want to set a custom URL to be used for our weekly meeting so I don’t have to send a new link each time, or each month. Is there a simple way to do it? I can’t seem to find info.

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By “basic”, I suspect you mean the public instance of Jitsi at If so, no, there is really no way of guaranteeing a custom URL. HOWEVER, if you create a roomname that is very unique and near-impossible to guess, it’s highly likely that the URL will always be available for you. I suggest using a UUID for that purpose.

OK, thanks. Yes, I am using the public I see how to create a UUID. What I don’t understand is how to attach it to Jitsi, that is, how to make it my roomname.<UUID>

For example:

Oh, my! That’s so simple! Thanks ever so much.
Now I don’t suppose there’s a way to link it to a permanent PIN# for people who
want to call in to the meeting?

If you use the room once every 60 days, the pin will stay the same.

Brilliant! You have all been so helpful. Much appreciated.