Can I see the displayed video quality for all participants?

During a vico I would like to get an idea about the delivered video quality for all participants.
Sometimes participants complain about poor video quality an I would like to get more insights to that. I know there are many factors such as bandwidth and device capabilities affecting the quality. It would be helpful for me to see which of the simulcast resolution is shown by whom.

Is it possible to see the video resolution that is currently displayed by each participant?
Maybe in the server logs or via api?

You can hover the “signal bars” icon on each participant tile.

Thank you. That would be an option.
I am looking for a way to collect those infos in a more technical way, so that I can process it with my own application. Ideally server side.

Not sure that’s possible. @andrei-gavrilescu would rtcstats help with this?

Hey @saghul, it could.
@Fred8 you can use rtcstats-server alongside rtcstats-client.
The client collects webrtc statistics and sends them to the server, there it calculates aggregates which are sent to redshit.