Can I see myself in big view all the time during a meeting where the others are muted?

when I teach yoga via the tool, I need to see myself as main view all the time - because I am about 3 meters away from the screen, and if I am only a little symbol at the edge, I can’t even see if I am in the picture. I mute all others during these meetings, but still I did not manage to see myself as main view during the meeting. Please advise.

Press 0 on the keyboard to focus on yourself while in full-screen mode. This should work for you as is.

I have further modified the user/interface for working slightly better while hosting yoga classes by hiding most distracting buttons in the UI and make it work on mobile phones without installing apps.

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Oh, that sounds great! how do I use this modified UI?

I am using my own jitsi server directly from the yoga studios internet connection.

Some of the customization can be done by editing the /usr/share/jitsi-meet/interface_config.js file on the server.

The full customized experience to hide the right side filmstrip at startup, and enable mobile users to use the web-interface I had to recompile the user-interface on the server by following the jitsi-meet development guide instructions.

Hm ok. I will try typing the “0” on the keyboard then to see myself big. When do I do this, and which view do I select before? Or doesn’t that matter?

PS: I am not a developer, as you may have noticed :slight_smile: So I cannot customize anything or edit files or stuff like that. but if typing the “0” works, then my problem is solved.