Can I schedule a Meeting w/o integrated calendar?

  • i tried to schedule the meeting, but I can only type a title and start
  • I have not google calendar or microsoft

There is no scheduling, create a random name (use one of the autogenerated clicking join) and send your parties the link and wait for them to join or you all join at certain time.

that means I can create and start today a meeting incl. password, send the data by mail to the participants and then I can start the meeting under same name and password again tomorrow?

I thought I read that then the password is no longer valid and I need a new meeting name., too

The password you need to set it when you enter the meeting. If you leave that meeting and you are the last one, everything is destroyed including the password setting. You cannot set a password in advance on
On 8x8 though you have a personal room and can set a permanent password, so you can set the password in advance there.

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