Can I record the audio and video from participants in Jitsi from the server?

So currently I’m on a project one-to-one message call project. It requires me to have a server that this server can decrypt the media stream from users and record this audio/video stream for service enhencement purpose. I see that besides Jitsi meet and many other, there is one module Jibra for recording and live stream videos, can I somehow use this along with the features of Jitsi ecosystem to record user media and store this media data on the server? I have tried to install Jibra but the process is so complicated and I haven’t figured out how to install it properly. If Jitsi cannot possibly help me to record user media. Is there any good media server that can help me for this purpose? Thanks.

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Here’s a guide on how to install Jibri - TUTORIAL - How to Install the NEW JIBRI

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@namvdo I followed these tutorials to setup jibiri

Jibri (Recording & Streaming for Jitsi) - YouTube (outdated)

@Shankar_Bavan that YouTube video is outdated. The link you referenced though is the current way to install Jibri.


Ah ok. Thank you @Freddie .
Do you have any tutorials to setup multiple jibiri instances.? currently I could record only one meeting at a time.

Thanks for your help. But can you answer my question, though. Thanks.