Can I install Jitsi server using ip address instead of DNS name?

Hello, Jitsi developers!
I am new to here and greetings all of you.

Now i am going to install jitsi server in my local network, and i don’t have DNS server.
so I want to use server ip address.
Is it possible?

Please Help me.

I’ll very thank you, if you give me answer.

Not a widely tested scenario, should work in general. But breaking here and there is possible.
This will work only for web, will not work if you want to use mobile app.

Thank you for your answer.
I think you’re Jitsi Hero, because i browsed this site for a day, and found you and your professional, kind answer everywhere.
I am really glad to receive your answer.
If I have any further question, I’ll contact you.

thanks very much.

Hi, I have question on Jitsi ui customization.
I’ve searched google and found that in webrtc p2p mode, at most 4 people are available(what’s reason? cpu limit or network bandwith? i don’t know well).
But i’d rather want to believe your professional experience.
so is that right?
Can’t 9 people chat in a room in p2p mode?

And if I customize Jitsi, is it working on server mode or p2p mode?
I am going to increase people in a room about 30 or more.
I’m worried about whether my effort is going to vain attempt.

Please let me know if i can reach my goal.
Thanks for reading.

This is some general data and does not concern jitsi. p2p works in full mesh when more than 3 people. It becomes impossible because of the limited upload capabilities of the internet on client-side.

About jitsi, you are in p2p mode when there are 2 participants in the call and a direct connection is possible, it will fall back to a turnserver if that is configured.
In all cases of 3+ people, the jitsi videobridge bridge is used which takes care of monitoring the bandwidth of clients and is sending only what is needed to not overwhelm the available bandwidth of the clients.

Thank you very much for your careful answer.

So i want to know about this question. (i’m not sure if this is stupid question)


If A only uploads one stream, then Jitsi is very good server and I’m going to
spend many time with jitsi from now on.

Please kindly give me answer. But I’m not urgent, please give me anytime.
thanks again.

I am not sure why such famous “Jitsi/jitsi” is displayed as spelling error in web editors.

That’s correct

Hi, Damecho!
How are you?

I want to know if you know someone who has typescript version lib-jitsi-meet.
Can you give me some contact?
or do you have it?

please let’s discuss.

or at least, is there any way to use lib-jitsi-meet while cheating typescript compiler?


Thanks for your response.
Can i ask one more?

Now i am testing lib-jitsi-meet apis using ASP.NET.
The problem is something like this.
When i debug project, MSVC 2019 launches new chrome browser instance.
I connected jitsi server successfully.

and here I called joinRoom api as in example.js of github demo.

this.jitsiRoom = this.jitsiConnection.initJitsiConference(‘conference’, confOptions);


But the console shows this error and can’t join room.


But when i copy the url and paste it to normal chrome instance(not MSVC launched), all are working fine, and this.jitsiRoom.join() invoke CONFERENCE_JOINED callback.

The problem is MSVC only supports debugging in itself launched browser instance,
so i can’t debug now.

Can you kindly tell me how can i remove net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID error in debugging mode?


PS: I couldn’t install DNS server , so use raw ip for Jitsi server. Also I couldn’t install let’s encrypt in this raw ip mode. ubuntu says that let’s encrypt can’t be installed with raw ip.
Could this be reason for net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID?

And One more question. sorry for many questions at once.
Is it possible for Jitsi to send both camera and screen of one user?
So, other user can see his camera and screen simultaneously.

Hi, Damencho!
How are you?

Thank you for your great work with jitsi.
These days i am studying jitsi, and found many awesome features of jitsi. Now I like to work with Jitsi.

Jitsi has dial-in feature and it’s really useful.
I have questions and will you kindly give me answer?

  1. If i share dial-in number D in meeting A, both user1 and user2 can join meetingA using D?
  2. If there are two meeting A, B simultaneously, then dial-in numbers at each meeting should be different?
    Can’t one dial-in number be used for meeting A, B?
  3. If I expect at most 10 simultaneously, then should I purchase 20010 numbers from voximplant?
    Here 200 is the approximate number of countries in the world.
    And if user1 and user2 can’t share dial-in number in same meeting, then should I purchase 200
    10*(max_users) numbers?

I wait for your response. Good regards.

First, ask your questions in the general section of the forum and do not hijack some random threads, and avoid mentioning people if you are not already in a discussion with them in your thread, thank you.



No, the pins for meetings are unique per meeting.

No you need just one number (per country you want checkout numbers for example), and all users can use that number. When user dials in an IVR will ask for a meeting pin, you can again test it on

Thank you.
Please forgive me for abusing site rules.
I’ll stick to rules from now on.


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