Can I host conference for 300 participants with video-off

Hello there I want to know if one can host conference for example a boot camp with 1 or 2 host broadcasting video audio and 250 + participants with just viewers (video and audio off for them).
anyone can confirm this ?

If this is possible my next question what would be server specification needed if I want to host it on our own. (requirement of vps i.e. 8core cpu with 32gb ram)

Thanks in advance.

If there will be no interaction with audiences you may broadcast the meeting to a live stream server (such as Youtube)

Only intended to private audiance is the case.

Interactions will be on LMS and instruction on conference simultaneously

One option is to host a small meeting with some private audiances and the live streaming for the others.

The other option is to host a very big meeting.

In my opinion, the first one is easier and less resource hungry.

Well I guess I will try both and compare which will be optimal solution :slightly_smiling_face:

You can have a look at this.