Can i get finished room info?

now i configuring muc_size for getting room info.

but i want to get room info about finished room.

i think that get room info method using muc_size can only current active room.

i can get finished room info using muc_size ?

i want to see participants joined date

thank you for your reply

No sir. Once the last person leaves the room, it’s gone.

You would need to persist the data using a custom Prosody lua module.

thank you for your reply.

i would be make custom lua module
when last participants leave the room, insert into database about room info through lua module.

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Hi @janpoo6427, You can refer this.

yes. i made lua script about room info (create, destoryed, joined, leaving)
and insert into Postgresql Database.

so. now i can know about room(when participant joind, leaving or room created, destoryed and duration)

thank you