Can I feed audio into Jitsi?

Actually asking on behalf of a friend as they’ve reduced vision. Can the person who’s “holding” the meeting pipe audio direct into the interface, for example music, or an excerpt from a talk for the other members to listen to?
And if so, can people talk over it, or not?

As far as I know, Jitsi meet broadcasts the systems audio output on Windows, if screensharing is activated. Maybe this could solve some of your issues.

Thanks - I’ll have to see if this works on MacOS too

No it doesnt work on MacOS yet due to macOS security features :confused: . You’ll need to use Blackhole (the doable and cheapest) or Loopback (easiest but also 120 USD), among other options. Both of them are not the best and most UX friendly solutions, but they work if the user is good with computers.

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