Can I create a jitsi meet conference link in advance?

Hello you all!

I apologize in advance if such a question already exists, but I searched for a long time and did not find anything.

Can anyone tell me how long a jitsi-meet conference link stays active if it’s not used?

Is it possible to create a conference link today for a conference scheduled in three days?

I’d like to inform everyone in advance about the conference link und the dial-in pin.

Thank you so much

The dial-in pin for a room is kept for 30 days. So if nobody checks for that pin (nobody enters the room for example) for 30 days, that is being reset.

Is it the same with free links?

Is it possible to record session when using free link or for such purposes one needs to use one’s own server?

This is exactly about what I was referring to, if you deploy your own instance you may apply different rules.

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OK. Now it’s clear.

What about recording the session at Meet Jitsi, is it possible?