Can I configure TURN server port range in Jitsi frontend?

Our business normally runs it’s own turn server (no videobridge yet) and jitsi meet software.

But we have one client, who runs his own TURN server in a DMZ because he wants to open a port-range of only 50 ports. That is configured in their TURN server config.

In our jitsi meet software, we configured for users of this client to use his TURN server - instead of ours.

But it seems that their TURN server still wants to open a connection to the clients over ports that are not in the 50 port port-range.

Do we have (additionally to the TURN server config) configure a port-range in the jitsi meet software?
Or is it more likely that something is wrong with the TURN server config?

There must be a videobridge if all your conferences aren’t P2P. Do you use someone else’s JVB?

The participants should connect to JVB through UDP/10000 (on the typical installation). If they can not, TURN relays their packets, otherwise the connection can not be established. But in this case, TURN connects to JVB through UDP/10000

Nope, we’ve just TURN P2P or P2P running yet.

And like I said, that’s is not a ‘normal’ installation.

Our client authenticates first and then we know that we’ve to tell our frontend that this one uses his own TURN server. And they setup a small port-range.

My question is just if we have to adjust something in the frontend as well, that it fit’s with the TURN server settings or is it just the TURN server cfg that says which port-range has to be used?