Can I configure jicofo/jvb to transcode in the bigger jvbs?

I will have 2 JVB bridges: one a local MBP and the other a small machine in europe near my family. So my family will communicate through the europe server and that JVB will send me their feeds as they come which is good (since i have a good connection).

What I would like to do if possible is to have my local JVB transcode both my feeds to them as well as their feeds to me.

My understanding is that at the time of this video ( it is happening that any JVB will just proxy their local feeds as they come and just transcode feeds to their local users so this is half of what i need.

Can I configure my local JVB to do all the transcoding that involves my location in both directions, so that the smaller european machine only needs to transcode between the european users?

Disabling transcoding toward me is also a good option if available but i think that the enable/disable simulcast is global? if i have 2 signalling servers, one serving a config.json with simulcast and one without, what would it mean?

As a side i already configure 640x360 as unique resolution to minimize transcoding & to make sure that a sweet spot of quality / realtime / low connections is satisfied (and they were very happy indeed).

what can you mean by that ? JVB is a SFU, that is, a Selective Forward Unit. Forwarding is not transcoding, it is specifically and emphatically NOT transcoding. The design goal of Jvb is to NOT do any transcoding.