Can a jitsi meet integrated with jitsi still be used for an online conference between jitsi users if jigasi is not involve?

Hello, I am currently using a jitsi meet server integrated with jigasi so I can receive calls from phones. However, the original purpose of the meet is to have video calls between users online.

Now that I have integrated jigasi and use the latest version of jitsi, I can still have calls between online users (no sip calls involve), I can hear the voices between two parties but there is no video available even if the two camera (one webcam, one tablet) of the devices are open.

I just want to know if the video can still be available between online users (no sip call involve) when jigasi was integrated to the meet server? Thank you.

If you are asking if the video call is possible for Jitsi clients, yes…

You may test it on

My problem is that I have installed Jigasi in my Jitsi server, where I am also using the same server to cater video calls for Jitsi Clients, my video only works one way but is not seen on the other user’s end. Before I installed Jigasi, the video works two ways. Now it looks like the images below.
Admin Admin Side (AA);

PL side:

Video call is working properly in meet,jit,si website :frowning: I wonder what is wrong with my configurations

Do you see any error in the browser console logs? Did you open the necessary ports for media?

yes all ports under [Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server] (Self-Hosting Guide - Debian/Ubuntu server | Jitsi Meet) are open

no errors found in console log.

I forgot to mention that I’m using a phone app with jitsi sdk to communicate with a browser opened jitsi meet…I see no problems now with my configuration if between two browsers were joining in a video call since both video and audio were working. Configurations in the jitsi server were all correct my bad on this part.

SDK in android: implementation (‘org.jitsi.react:jitsi-meet-sdk:3.6.0’) { transitive = true }
while jitsi from server are all latest as I believe:

thank you for helping me sirs.

That SDK is years old. It will no longer work with a current backend deployment.

Thanks sir Saghul, I really appreciate your support, for now I kept the old jitsi sdk version for the tablet and the old jitsi meet server version in order for the video call to work and another jitsi server with the latest version in order to handle jigasi calls.