Camera with Safari and screen sharing with Chrome on Mac

Hi all, first time here and new to jitsi
I’m trying to help a friend of mine with meet conferences on his mac:

  • on Safari he can’t get the camera working
  • on Chrome all seems working well except for the screen sharing: he can share chrome tabs, but can’t share desktop and application windows.
    Any help? Is it a problem of configuration/authorization?

there is a ticket about the safari camera issue. please comment there too.

Hi Olmo,
Did you resolve your issue?
I have similar problem on my mac

No I did not.
My friend is using the app via chrome and till now he was able to share only browser’s tabs

Problem was inside catalina privacy settings -> add to screen recording -> browser

Thanks, I’ll try to explain it to my friend.

I was having the same issue after upgrading to Catalina and found that updating my Accessibility permissions (System Preferences > Security Privacy > Accessibility) to allow Chrome to control my computer fixed the screenshare issue, I can now share my entire screen.
Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 4.47.56 PM