Camera turn off

what are the necessary restrictions so that the camera does not reach the users

do you have specific requirements ?

I’m sorry if the question has already been asked

IMO the question is not very clear. Do you mean activating our own camera?

I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear, but I have users that open their camera but after a while their camera is off, I know it’s about bandwidth but what can I do to avoid that,

especially people who are not in the same country as me
Screenshot from 2022-08-30 15-56-07

  • Can you reproduce the same issue on

  • Did you check the browser console logs?

  • Is this a P2P meeting or a meeting with more than 2 participants?

  • Do you have the same issue when there are only 2 participants (assuming you don’t disable P2P mode)?

You can configure your deployment to use less bandwidth. One way is to switch codecs (VP9 is more bandwidth-efficient). You can also make some changes in your config.js, like capping resolution e.t.c…