Camera Switch not possible on Mobile

Hi, I am using the Jitsi-Meet API and overwrite the config to be able to use jitsi from within the browser on mobile devices. On some devices switching the camera is not possible. I already know of the limitation, that the second camera cannot be shown in the preview window, but on some of my devices I am not able to click on the other camera to switch the active camera.
The funny thing is that if I clicked on the second camera which cannot be opened and rejoin a video call this camera is active now. Switching is again not possible. Does anyone have a fix for this issue?

Devices which won’t work:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - SMT510
Huawei P9 lite

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hola tengo el mismo problema y aun no he podido solventarlo

We ran into the same problem. Unfortunately I don’t have the models where it failed, but it did not work on several android devices.