Camera & Sound is not working

Hi all just new to jitsi, after new installa tion on ubuntu 19, I aca not see my jitsi to work. The camera & microfhone is not working.

portmanager: Error binding encrypted port for https: No certificate present in SSL/TLS configuration for https port 5281

SYSLOG_TIMESTAMP Apr 12 12:59:04
_BOOT_ID 13d2497c87db45fbacba1c0dc343201e
_CMDLINE lua5.2 /usr/bin/prosody
_COMM lua5.2
_EXE /usr/bin/lua5.2
_GID 121
_HOSTNAME vultr.guest
_MACHINE_ID 70cfaa4f17b646ecaafec8ad294a7024
_PID 760
_SYSTEMD_CGROUP /system.slice/prosody.service
_SYSTEMD_INVOCATION_ID 09bdb59fddbc4fcbbe990e893a67f162
_SYSTEMD_SLICE system.slice
_SYSTEMD_UNIT prosody.service
_UID 114
__CURSOR s=3bef5dee9ca649148f865af393c2a15b;i=a8e;b=13d2497c87db45fbacba1c0dc343201e;m=8dcdb7;t=5a315043925ba;x=13d70358f401e316
__REALTIME_TIMESTAMP 1586685544048058

There’s the error. You need a TLS cert. Is there a reason https is on 5282 and not 443? That will make getting a cert via Let’s Encrypt much harder.

Hi Neil, thanks for the help. Let me give more information on my set up. I try to install with this “sudo /usr/share/jitsi-meet/scripts/” . I just want to this is working easily.

Here is the blog for that I followed to install mostly:

I do not choose this port, I am just trying to install

What is listening on port 5821?

lsof -i -P -n | grep 5821

comes up nothing

My mistake - your error message says 5281, not 5821.

No problem, still nothing comes up

Is there something in your jitsi config attempting to listen on 5281?

I do not change anythin on jitsi config, it is default installation. where I can see the conf file?

Each service has its own config file. Are you in a position to purge everything and reinstall it, and see if it works with fresh packages? That’s probably the easiest way to resolve it (or spot what is going wrong).

I tery to re-install twice, but I am alwayz getiing this error each time. The server is just for the jitsi and I do not make any changes on the con files. I just following the blogs instructions.

And I am 100% sure I will get the same results if I do fresh installation. But still I will reinstall the jitsi, and see

I’m sorry. I can understand how frustrating that must be.

Here are the official instructions:

It might be sensible to follow them, rather than whatever is on the blog referenced above.

Hi Neil,
I re-installed the jitsi with clean installation, and still at the same point. The server is up and running, but the camera still is not working.

What happens if you run:

curl -iv


Hi Neil, I will re try with your instruction. Can I just use my ip address to publish jitsi? Do I need a hostname?

What platform do you suggest?

I’ve never tried using just an IP address. If you want a Let’s Encrypt cert, you’ll need a domain name.

curl -iv

  • Could not resolve host:
    curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

Hi Neil, For the testing purpose how can use just an IP address for my jitsi platform?

You’ll need to replace with the domain name you are using.

I don’t know if you can make it work with just an IP address.