Camera only works the first time on iOS safari (iphone). (Alpha release)

I am trying to connect to a meeting from iOS safari browser. It works fine the first time I start the camera. But if I switch it off and then try turning it on again, it doesn’t start.

On browser console I can see the following warning :
2020-05-29T04:16:11.316Z [modules/RTC/RTCUtils.js] Failed to get access to local media. Error: Invalid constraint [object Object]

And the following error :
[native code]:1 2020-05-29T04:16:11.320Z [features/base/tracks] set track unmute failed s {gum: Object, name: "gum.general", message: "Invalid constraint", stack: "s@…s?v=4163:1:92377↵promiseReactionJob@[native code]", constructor: function}

I am using the alpha version to test this because the current stable version doesn’t even start the camera not even the first time.

Can anyone help? Is it the web thing or something related to the video bridge?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the web version of on iOS safari.
  2. Grant access to camera
  3. Open the camera by clicking the camera icon: It will open up your camera
  4. Stop the camera by clicking again on the same button
  5. Then click on the button to start again : Camera won’t start and it will give the above error in the browser console.

Client information:

  • Browser / app version: Safari/ Safari 12
  • Operating System: iOS

Expected behavior:

The camera should start again after clicking the button.

I am using ios safari version 12 on iphone >=8. I am talking about the camera tool icon on the jitsi web which is used to switch the camera state.