Camera not working properly in PC

Hi, my problem while using Jitsi meet browser version is, that the camera isn’t working properly. When my camera is on, it’s very laggy, and the program is giving me the “Camera doesn’t work” (or something like that, I don’t use jitsi in English) warning every minute or so. I have tried to set for lower video quality, but it doesn’t help for the lagginess. No one else in our meet is having this problem, but I don’t believe my camera is the issue because it’s working fine with other programs (Zoom for instance). The lag is so bad I have to keep my camera off, I can’t stand it.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum.

Can you run a test of your peripherals at and share the results?

Hi, sure.

//Edit. I did it again and now the troughput is also green.

What browser are you connecting with?

I think he’s using safari (as I have been seeing multiple issues on the forum now about it)

Google Chrome. I’ve also tried with Edge and Firefox with similar issues (although Firefox didn’t even recognise my camera at all).

Are you perhaps behind a firewall? I’m quizzed because your test results show you should be able to use your camera in at least standard resolution.

Yeah, firewall is enabled in every network. Could it really effect the camera so drastically?