Camera not initialized after waking up from sleep

I have set up Jitsi to windows 10 laptop for elder person. The purpose is that jitsi app or web page is on full screen mode and when laptop lid is opened the video meeting starts and when lid is closed the video meeting is closed (since laptop is configured to go to sleep).

This has been working quite reliable but lately there is always error that camera is not found when opening the laptop lid (and jitsi app or jitsi web page is there active). Same may happen also to microphone.

I believe that the problem is that camera driver does not get time to start up before jitsi requests camera access. I believe also that it could be fixed so that jitsi waits few seconds before connecting to camera.

Would this kind of (optional, configurable) delay operation be easy to make to jitsi?

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Yep, this is interesting … I have two cameras and if I have one configured to be default, and that camera is off, when I plug it in it automatically connects to it.
So I guess in case there was no camera in the beginning this mechanism does not work.
Maybe upload browser console logs from such a session to have a better idea of what is going on.
This use case is hard to reproduce on a laptop with an integrated camera :slight_smile:

My set up is such that the laptop integrated camera is used. There is no other cameras connected to the laptop. Problem occurs when the jitsi web page is open and video meeting is active and then closing the lid to put the laptop to sleep and then waking up the laptop by opening the lid. Video meeting continues immediately but browser cannot access the integrated camera (because the camera is not initialized yet by the OS?)

Anyhow I will take also browser console logs.

I checked browser console log but did not find anything related to this problem. Do you have any other suggestions how to troubleshoot or are you interested to see the log I captured?

@Mika_L @damencho - I’ve got exactly the same purpose (always-on laptop for elder person) and similar problem.

My laptop is running latest Xubuntu.
Jitsi “server” is installed on this machine.
On the laptop Firefox is started with the meeting page opened.

After laptop waking up from the sleep (screen off) when I’m connecting to the meeting e.g. from my PC or smartphone,
I can see the laptop’s camera output (remote room), but the laptop cannot “see” me.
Either from desktop or from smartphone - on the laptop’s screen only a black square.
Sound works, but no video.
The situation can be fixed by restarting laptop’s browser. (which makes me thinking - it’s not a network problem)

Any ideas - why so?

Is jitsi-meet installed on the machine that you woke up?

This laptop acts like a “server” with opened Firefox.

So I would guess that a jvb restart will fix it … if it fixes it, I guess you can add a hook/script to do it on wake up.
Mind that those are server components and had never been tested in such a scenario so stuff like this can happen.

Hmmm… I’ll try this.
Say, how to do this (jvb restart) in a most correct way? (command)

service jitsi-videobridge2 restart

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Thanks, @damencho looks like it helped!

So, now I’ll think how to schedule jvb restart properly.