Camera not accessible for an unknown reason

How do I connect camera in Dell Latitude laptop computer?

You’ve provided zero details on your system configuration, the issues you’re running into, or what you’ve tried.

Being new to Jitsi and not a computer whiz myself, what would be the details that you think you need to get a webcamera working?

And, who are you?

I’m a random user of Jitsi who has started developing on it, because I’ve got nothing else to do on bad weather days.

What steps have you tried? From a typical laptop, all you need to do is access the Jitsi server with a browser (preferably Chrome), and allow it permissions to access your webcam when it asks. There’s not a lot of setup.

Does your webcam work in other applications on the machine? Has it ever worked for videoconferencing? “It doesn’t work” is not a useful amount of information to start troubleshooting with.

You can try the webrtc troubleshooter as well:

If that works, and Jitsi doesn’t, there are a few other things to try.