Camera is not Starting on Tab

I have Lenovo Tab
Model: Lenovo 8704X
Android: 8.1.0
CPU: Snapdragon 625.
Camera: Front 5MP / Rear 8 MP

I am able to join a meeting with no issues. the thing is the Camera is not turning on even though I given permission.

I checked logcat I am getting the following error:

2020-12-30 19:40:56.614 23196-23244/? E/JitsiMeetSDK: [features/base/tracks] Failed to create local tracks [ ‘video’ ] Error(gum.general){“message”:“AbortError”,“stack”:“\\\\\\\ncallImmediates@[native code]\\\\\nvalue@[native code]\nvalue@[native code]”}

Can anyone help, please??