Camera feed is flickering at sometimes when 2 or 3 more participants has joined

Hi team ,
@saghul :

Participant video feed are showing disabled during the video call for 5 seconds even when the camera is enabled. Should I have to modify any configuration in backend ? Please advise and your thoughts should be really helpful for me. Thanks.

Hi team , Any solution for this ?

Hi @saghul ,

Can you please advise on this. Is there any solution or workaround to resolve this.

Your reply should be helpful for me to analyse further.


First things first, you should pay attention to #10 in this list - [TIP] Fastest Way To Get Support In The Forum

To your issue: do you experience this on the desktop/web as well? If so, it might be related to an issue with JVB that has just been fixed in unstable. Should hit stable soon.