Camera enable desable issue in google chrome

Hi jitsi team

I am facing issue with camere enable desable in chrome but it work with mozila
When i only one participate in room camera enable disable working but after join more then 1 camera enable desanle stop working
I don’t know what wrong i did

Please help to resolve it

Thank you

Is this your self hosted instance or
Attach js console logs.

Yes self hosted

Where’s your browser’s js console log as requested?

Hi freddie
I am not able to connect 2 participant in chrome they are not able to view camera and audio
this is screen


How did you install?
What’s the output of this command:

dpkg -l "jitsi-*" "jicofo*" "prosody*" | egrep '^ii'


You have this going in multiple threads; please stick to one place.

Again, how did you install? What guide did you use?
And what are your server specs? OS?

using ubuntu
and using quick install guide

20 days ago it was working in chrome but I don’t know what happen in these day it stop working in chrome

Did you upgrade recently?

No but I edit on config file and app.bundle.min.js file

What edits did you do?

lobby function, preJoin function, google calendar
UI like button name, input type

That’s likely where the issue is. You should try reverting the changes to see if the issue is due to one of them.

Can i find this things from log files