Camera does not turn on

In my opening page shares I would like to turn on my camera. However, the button is displayed inverse. How can I change this?

Hi there. Apologies, but I do not understand your question?

Please also tell us which Jitsi server are you using? What web browser/app are you using?

Jitsi Meet

Here is a screenshot of my problem. The button on the right is inverse and I can’t switch it to “Camera on”.
I have tried via Firefox and Google Chrome. The settings of my laptop regarding camera are all “free” or set to “On”.
What can I do that the camera can be enabled?

Maybe check to make sure your camera is actually connected and working properly on the machine. It’s possible you also just didn’t grant camera permissions in the browsers (although it seems strange that you may have neglected to do that in 2 different browsers). Check your browser settings anyway to make sure camera access is granted. Show a screenshot of the URL bar in your browsers.

Like Freddie mentioned, do you see the video camera icon in your web browser? And if you do, and you select it, does it allow you to enable your video camera?

Hi Freddie, thank you for your answer.
The screenshot of the URL-Bars:
Opera tells me in the browser line that my camera and microphone are being used. And yet the button is still inverse.
I just got a message that as a new user I am only allowed to send one screenshot. But I would be happy if only one browser would work. Preferably “Chrome”.

The right side of your navigation (URL) bar is where it shows your camera icon in Chrome. Can you check that and try to screenshot?

I think that’s it. The URL is not registered here. But how can I approve it here?

Sorry, that was the Firefox setting. The Chrome setting is as follows, and the camera and microphone are allowed there.

You didn’t share the requested screenshot - the right side of your Chrome URL bar.

All right, thank you very much for your help. A pending Windows10 update was also still in the way. I got it working now and the camera is working again. Nice that there are still people who spontaneously help. THANK YOU :slight_smile: