camera does not support video resolution

I already tried updating the browsers, chrome, firefox, edge, I enabled permissions in windows 10, but still I get the message “camera does not support video resolution”

How can I configure my camera in this case?

What’s the range of resolutions your camera is capable of handling?
Try doing a test on

thanks for your reply Freddi
I mention that my laptop has an integrated camera, which if it works for me with zoom, microsoft teams, skype and other pages where I have tried the camera, except jmeet jitsi, I have noticed that sometimes the camera works with jitsi without problems but when close the browser and reopen it, the fault appears, and it no longer works, but the microphone always works, only the camera remains without response and the camera light turns on but intermittently when it is trying to work and the light should stay fixed

Check Resolution 320 x 240
Check Resolution 640 x 480

Okay, so you’re working on the public instance then.
The resolutions reported here are fine with Jitsi. And you’re reporting the same problem with different browsers, so it doesn’t sound like a browser-specific problem.
Sorry if this sounds too obvious, but did you specify your camera here?

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 12.17.59 PM

For example, enter the site an icon appears to configure the camera, there it works without problems, but when I enter the link that they have provided me to be present in the video call, that is where it fails the camera, and also if I verify the configuration on that same page where I will have the video call the camera if it works, but when I leave that configuration it no longer works