Cam Link | not recognizedi

My Elgato device is not recognized by Jitsi. It is available in the camera menu but does not work.

I was able to pass audio thru. Thinking I need to get correct video output from camera to show.
Does anyone know what Jitsi’s requirements are?

Same here, but in general I’ve found that only Google Duo can see and use the Cam Link, most of webrtc based see the “webcam” but cannot use it.

Elgato Cam Link works fine for me - tested it with an attached GoPro3+ and some generic chinese outdoor cam (SJCam M10+). I can even attach it during a meeting.

What are your GoPro video settings? FPS, video resolution.

Thank you.

1080p @ 50 FPS, Field-of-view on medium - hope this helps

I had issues with Cam Link 4K.
But last version of Elgato 4K Capture Utility version 1.7.0 (4587) works fine now (tested with 1080p50/60 and 720p50/60) on Chrome. Did you try the latest update?

Thanks for all your suggestions. The solution for the Sony DSLR was to change the frame rate. I had it set for 24 FPS. Setting it at 30 and or 60 FPS @1080 displays the video now.

BTW the Camlink I have is the USB model @
Not sure if that can be upgraded?

Thank you.

I use the same USB model.
you can update the software to version 1.7.0

Thank you, Do you have URl to the DL?

Thank you. for the URL. I noticed this is for a windows. I use a MAC. What does this capture utility provide for windows? I thought it might be a firmware update tool for the USB.

Thank you.

On mac, you need “Game Capture for Mac”.
About firmware updates, you should read the following:

Elgato Game Capture software has a Settings section, which allows users to adjust how the hardware behaves.
There is also a hidden, Advanced Settings mode that can help you Update Firmware .

Thank you. All works fine as is . Will probably not update unless a OS update requires that. Probably see a future mother board do this as well

Hey there,

I am having the same problem with elgato cam link 4k, but only when using Firefox.
When joining a meeting in Chrome, the cam is identified and I am able to select and use it.
When joining a meeting in Firefox, the cam is only identified in the options menu (settings -> devices -> Camera). If I select it there, nothing happens. I don’t see any error or problems in browser console.
When using the new camera quick select function, I see two entries of my “other webcam”, but none of my cam link 4k. Selecting either of these “other webcams” does not change anything.

What I stumbled upon:

  • when accessing jitsi meet in Firefox and the browser is asking for permissions, it only shows the “other webcam” available in the drop down.
  • testing the webcam in other websites with Firefox seems to work (some times)
  • as stated, same setup but using chrome works without any problems
  • also tested on another system - same behaviour

Is there anything I am missing? Is there a specific setting for firefox which one could enable or modify?
If this is the same problem as mentioned above (framerate of the cam attached to the elgato cam link 4k) I wonder why it is working with chrome.

Thanks for any help on this topic :slight_smile:

Had a similar issue with Camlink. Had to switch 4k camera settings to 60fps 720P if I remember correctly. Then Jitsi was happy.

Thanks for your reply. The question which comes to my mind is then, why is it working with Chrome :frowning:
And also: why is it working in some sites with Firefox. Seems some kind of limitation or special (configuration?) case (of Jitsi?).