does not see the data from Jitsi Meet

Hello - I have set up a Jitsi Meet server and am trying to get Callstats integrated to be able to get insight into users’ connections, etc. I have created a callstats account, copied the ID and secret into /etc/jitsi/meet/hostname-config.js (with our hostname in the filename) and have confirmed that HTTP requests are being sent to in Chrome Developer Tools. However, still does not register any incoming data.

I see in their setup guide Item 4, which makes it sound like there’s additional JS configuration necessary, but everything I see for Jitsi is just to put the id and secret in the config and it should work.

Thanks for any help!

Okay, callstats seems to be updating now, but with a noticeable delay between the video and its stats updating on their website. That’s a bit concerning for something that’s supposed to be based around WebRTC…