Calls are getting dropped around in some time of joining

hello @damencho ,
We have self hosted jitsi servers fro video call and video conference it was working quiet good but from past few days our calls are getting drops in between and users are facing this issue in random condition. I have even checked the logs but no results from there also.
can you help me out with that so that I can find some solution for this problem as soon as possible.
with regards,

Please don’t tag people in posts unless they’re already helping you with the specific problem.

Do you have browser console logs for the clients that disconnected? If so, share them. Also, share your JVB log.

Sorry for tagging directly I wasn’t aware of. I dont have logs for the client console but I can share you the JVB logs if you want then. Most of the time i faced this issue is when a mobile is involve in the call.

Here is the link for my JVB logs.