CallKit not working with ios 15

Call is not getting reported on CallKit, no CallKit calling view is shown to accept or reject call when app is in killed state, but working fine when app is in foreground and active.
I’m reporting call with the function -

JMCallKitProxy.enabled = true
JMCallKitProxy.reportNewIncomingCall(UUID: UUID, handle: name, displayName: name, hasVideo: isVideo) { (error) in


:thinking: How would this even work? You need to start the app and join a meeting then CallKit is used while the app is in the background. Past meetings are reporting on the call log.

JitsiMeet does not have incoming call push messages that would start the app, so “accept” or “reject” does not apply here.

@corby we have integrated voip push in our app, and when voip push is received we are calling the function
This reports the call on the callkit and callkit shows the view of accept or reject call, but after the recent ios update it is not reporting the call on callkit and the view for accepting or rejecting the call is not shown.

What version of the SDK are you using? Are you using PODs?

I’m using jitsi pod versio 5.1.0 and also tested with version 6.0 but same behavior.

After 2 -3 days of RND and debugging, finally I’m able to resolve the issue, the issue was with completion block of the delegate function “didReceiveIncomingPushWith”, we must have to call the completion block of this function even if call is failed or succeeded, you must also provide a proper example to show the implementation of each the function you are providing, so that there must be no loophole in the implementation. Thanks

@saghul @Rahul_verma @Aliaksandr_Terashkou @Arohi_Magotra Did you integrated the Jitsi for calls, if yes, can you guide me on it or if you have any sample app or document please share!
I was able to complete the incoming call but it’s not showing the outgoing call UI after calling the below function.
JMCallKitProxy.reportOutgoingCall(with: UUID(), connectedAt: Date())

@saiprasad_thagalapal you have to configure provider -

JMCallKitProxy.configureProvider(localizedName: "", ringtoneSound: **nil**, iconTemplateImageData: **nil**)

Thank you @Rahul_verma, I tried the above code but am still not able to establish the connection.