Callkit - How Auto Join Meeting on Answer Call When iPhone is Locked

How to auto join meeting on answer call when the iPhone is locked (like in Whatsapp)?

Current Flow:
When answer call, the meeting not yet joined, just like in the picture below. The meeting join if we click app icon (jitsi_meet_example).

It should have been able to join when I answer the call even I haven’t clicked the icon (jitsi_meet_example)

THis is a known issue we are trying to figure out over at Jitsi doesn't start connect on locked iPhone · Issue #12303 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Hello all, I may have stumbled upon a conversation regarding the same issue I’m having. We have developed a CarPlay view for our Jitsi based app. The problem is, if the phone locks, the meeting network flows stop after 2 minutes. If we keep the phone unlocked, the meeting runs no problem. details are here:

We are currently in the process of updating our SDK to the latest (7.0.1) and will try some of the suggestions in this thread.

While similar, this issue looks different because what seems to be happening is the app gets “stuck” and doesn’t fully initialize until it goes to the foreground.