CallKit for audio call acccept when application is in background



I am working with JitsiMeet iOS ( for video call implementation in an application. For background mode calling I am trying to achieve a skype like interface. Where user receives an audio call can start talking right away by accepting that call. Hence when I receive PKPushNotification, I trigger this code to initiate calling screen:

[JMCallKitProxy reportNewIncomingCallWithUUID:activeCallUUID_ handle:message.messageText displayName:message.senderName hasVideo:false completion:^(NSError * _Nullable error)   {
	if (error != nil) NSLog(@"%s error = %@", __PRETTY_FUNCTION__, error.localizedDescription);

This works fine and call get triggered as native call. Then I have implemented then I have implemented JMCallKitListener and inside performAnswerCallWithUUID I tried to initialize my JitsiViewController to joint the call group.

But problem is when application is in background these listeners doesn’t trigger. Although they work fine when app is active.

Also I would really appreciate if some one can guide me to-wards specific steps that I should take in order initiate the audio call answer and join the room. Plush how should I allow switch to video call from call kit screen.