Call problem with DECT on G722 (Was: Jitsi call via Fritzbox .... )


I believe what Lyubomir meant to ask was: is there another application that
you can use to call the same dect phone over the sam server and obtain good
quality over g722?

If so could we also see its trace?

Also could we please try to keep subject lines to something more objective?
The original subject line would probably leave most readers with the
impression that as a rule Jitsi and Frixbox don't interoperate properly.


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On Feb 9, 2012 9:44 AM, "Conrad Beckert" <> wrote:

Hi Lyubomir,

attached hear a sample on how it sounds like. I call from Jitsi via a
Fritzbox to an DECT wireless phone attached to it with G722 enabled.

Disabling G722 solves the problem. Calling another Jitsi or Linphone (the
new version which supports G722) works fine either.

I'll send you the logs by private mail. Thanks for help


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> Hey Conrad,
> Could you try to provide us with a Wireshark dump of such a call? If
> you know of and have another (soft)phone which does not exhibit the
> problem, a Wireshard dump of its G.722 call may be useful as well.
> Regards,
> Lyubomir


Hey Conrad,

Thank you for you cooperation!

Unfortunately, the Jitsi logs (which you've sent me privately) don't seem to me to contain a mention of G.722.

If you allow me to reiterate what I need in order to further look into this problem, I'd like to look at complete Wireshark dumps (in contrast to Jitsi logs) which show all SIP and RTP packets (1) from a call which exhibits the problem and, optionally yet preferable, (2) from a call (using another phone, not Jitsi, of course) which does not exhibit the problem. I'd then compare the two and try to figure out which of the differences cause the problem.