Call interrupts after 2 minutes when calling users using SIP


I am new to using Jitsi. We recently installed Jitsi on our desktops (Windows and Macs) and we experience a very strange behavior.
Our configuration : we are connecting to our provider using the / password combination
The symptoms : when we call from Jitsi to any “outside” numbers, everything is OK

  • but when we call other users connected to the same provider, the call interrupts after 1mn59s very precisely.
  • we do not experience such problems when using the Linphone SIP application, using the same accounts configured the same way. So it does not seem to be a problem on our OVH provider side at first look.

Did I miss something in the configuration ? What could explain such a behaviour ? Any ideas would be welcome.
Thank you for reading!

You are talking here about Jitsi Desktop and pure SIP audio calls?

Hello Damencho,

Thanks for reading.
Yes, I’m talking about pure SIP audio calls.

Share the logs when the drop happen.