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Hello all!

I am a Desktop Support Engineer who facilitates the install of Jitsi on one of my company’s department’s laptops using a SaaS Endpoint Management application. I have no involvement or input in the configuration of the app, as that was done by one of the head managers of the department in question. I could use some assistance in troubleshooting the error in the subject of this post. One of our new additions to the company who is in the department in question is getting said error. The manager who configured it said that pretty much all errors that occur with it are config or driver-related. However, I have run Windows update, as well as Dell Command Update on the computer, as well as completely uninstalling and reinstalling Jitsi. Nothing seems to work. The laptop in question is brand new and has no other issues, outside of this one with Jitsi. I’ve tried searching for the error online only to find there’s almost no information on it. What do I need to do to troubleshoot or resolve this issue? I am at a loss and need to figure this issue out as soon as possible, as it’s affecting the production of the department in question. Any and all constructive input is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

well, it’s difficult to be ‘constructive’ with a post providing zero useful information. All I can say is that Jitsi-meet (tha thing that 95% of users of this forum are running) is a server application running in a browser, so you don’t particularly ‘install’ it. There is an Electron client but it’s outdated at the moment so it’s better to just use Chrome (or Firefox or Edge). Try with these browsers.

@joe.chapman unfortunately, Jitsi Desktop is no longer actively maintained by the Jitsi team, so unless someone else has encountered the same issue, chances of getting assistance with your reported issue are minimal.

Is this particular machine running the exact same version of Windows OS as the others? Perhaps try to confirm the new machine is as close to a clone of the working machines as possible. My hunch would be to pay particular attention to the Operating system and possible updates.

Maybe check permissions in Windows whether the app can access the devices, and probably whether you see sound levels in the settings.