Call aborted - there's already another call in progress on Jitsi Meet Android

Hi Jitsi team !
Since yesterday, we have an error and message only on Android app with a message :
“Call aborted
There’s already another call in progress. Please end it first and try again”

This message appears for every room names that we try to creates on the mobile application.
It was all ok before yesterday. It suddenly appear (the only thing we can say, it’s that our server had a reboot for maintenance before that problem occurs).

The Jitsi Meet is working fine on our server, and we can create / join conference by our web navigators and desktop applications. But not by the mobile application.

We tried to restart all jitsi meet components, but we got the same message on the mobile…

Any ideas?

Thanks for your support!


I face this error in sdk 2.3.2