Calendar intergration

I found directions on “Creating the Microsoft App for Microsoft Outlook integration”, but it appears to be outdated. I was redirected to Microsoft Azure and the process seems to be quite different. Is there another set of directions for this?
Also, does this integration create a schedule on my Jitsi Meet server, or does it just do like the Chrome add-on does, and simply launch my calendar to schedule and invite others?
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Perhaps I’d better elaborate a little better. Currently the main page on the server has no option for a calendar at all.
This is what I’m trying to get to:

There is no calendar option, not under settings. How do I add that functionality?
Thanks again.

You need googleApiApplicationClientID or microsoftApiApplicationClientID, or having both and enableCalendarIntegration: true.

Thank you for responding. However, I do have these directions already. Here’s the thing.



This doesn’t exist anymore. You get a page that tells you to use MS Azure, and the directions are not useable. That’s why I asked for updated directions.

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Chris Harrison

I see, hum. Then the doc needs to be updated, if you figure it out, can you please send a PR fixing the links.

Hi, did you found how to do this ?


No, It looks like you have to have Azure setup for this to work.

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Chris Harrison


I finaly managed to get this working on our own Jitsi-Meet server.

Go to
Clic on “New Registration”
Enter an App Name
Choose “Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Azure AD directory - Multitenant)”
For the redirect URI choose web and enter the web url of you Jitsi-Meet server (ex
Clic Register
Your app is created and you are redirected to the overview page of the app.
Go to Authentication (in the left menu) and

Clic Save
Go back to overview (in the left menu) and copy the “Application (client) ID”

In the file /etc/jitsi/meet/jitsi_domain-config.js :

enableCalendarIntegration: true,
microsoftApiApplicationClientID: ‘Your_Application (client) ID’,

Restart Jitsi-Videobrige.

Wait 5 to 10 minutes before trying, it takes some time to be applied on Microsoft servers.

And it should work :wink:

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Thanks Martin! I’ll give that a try.

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Chris Harrison

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it works for me after modifying redirect URIs

Thanks for the info, i tried to figure out what url’s where realy necessary. You have put only these two urls ?

Yes only these two URIs.

@jrmcts Great tutorial! thanks!

Would someone happen to know why I don’t see all my Outlook Meetings in the interface, just some? What are the conditions to have them show? is there a delay before they do?

Also, if I click on the “+” sign to add a room name to meetings that have no room, it destroys the body of the email (deletes most lines!) and appends a “join conference” message… Can this be avoided?


It seems that the limit is 8 days. I don’t know if this is editable, I guess there is no setting for this.

That is not what I meant… 8 days is plenty! I just don’t see all my meetings for those 8 days…
Today I have a meeting and it is not showing. Tomorrow I have three meetings and only two are showing.

I don’t know about this, there shoud be a difference between events that appears and the others that are not appearing.

is your event private?
is there anything special in the event?

I looked it up and I have two events that are configured the same way and one works and the other does not… weird… Maybe something with the O365 API …?

Hello @h.martin !
how are you?
Did this change work for you?

Dear, I will appreciate your help.

I have created the app in azure and configured the api id in the config.js file but I do not get successful integration with the calendar.

I only manage to put my o365 username and password in the window to connect with calendar, but once the username and password are entered, nothing happens. It is still there as if nothing had entered.