Calendar integration

I require some help with setting up the calendar on the welcome page on my on-premises jitsi meet server . In particular with Office 365 and Google.
Is there anyone who can assist with a step by step guide on how to configure this
Any help will be appreciated

Hi and welcome. Have you checked this one:

Hi many thanks for this…Once I do as you advise, how will I integrate this to the welcome screen ?
Please have a look at the attached…!

Hi went through the link on integration, however I’m also stuck trying to integrate the Calendar on Local LAN Server running Jitsi, is there any particular config that must be added to show Calender Menu on Landing page?

Can I integrate the public Jitsi Meet server ( to an Office 365 tenant similarly?

Hi Thank you for this, it’s very helpfull.
I follow the guide but it doesn’t work… somebody can help me to configure the Microsoft calendar integration ?