Cache issue

I have successfully implemented Jitsi on my own environment and have frequently made changes to the source code which I deploy on servers. While the setup has been functioning well for the past year, I have recently encountered a significant issue and require assistance from the community. Specifically, I have modified the CSS and JS of the source code and have made substantial modifications to the CSS. Some of my clients have reported difficulties joining conferences, as their audio and video are disabled. However, clearing their browser’s cache and reloading the page resolves the issue. I am seeking guidance on how to remove cache headers from the server, as I am currently using Nginx, or any other professional approach to address this challenge. Thank you.

Try changing the version number in index.html to a something higher than whatever’s there. That’ll force clients to get fresh files rather than using cache.

In the “index.html” file on the server, there is only one CSS file called “all.css”. In an attempt to force the browser to download the latest version of the file, a version number was added to the file path in the HTML code as follows: “”. Despite this change, the issue persists and the updated version of the CSS file is not being displayed. Please provide guidance on whether the implementation of the version number is correct or if there might be another issue that is preventing the updated file from being loaded.

Or better if you never want to be cached

After attempting to change the version number of the “all.css” file without success, I decided to try changing the version numbers of the “lib-jitsi-meet.min.js” and “app.bundle.min.js” script files. This change ultimately resolved the issue and everything began to function properly. I am grateful to the community for their help in resolving this matter.